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fence staining

Techniques Used by Gaithersburg Fence

Staining your wood fence is extremely important.  Not only does it enhance the look of your fence but it also substantially increases life of your fence as well.

Fence stain comes in many types and styles.  Those include (options included below):

- Transparent

- Semi-transparent

- Solid 

Wood fencing that hasn't been stained or is freshly power washed a semi-transparent or transparent is generally used.  For decks with prior solid stain or if you like a more solid colored paint look then a solid stain is the right choice

The length of UV coverage is also an important consideration.  Here's the standard protection coverages of the three types of stains:

- Transparent stains protects for up to 6 years

- Semi-transparent stains protects up to 8 years

- Solid stains protect up to 25 years


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